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Public Health Dynamics Seminars Archive

Monday, February 12

Kathleen Stewart, PhD

Director, Center for Geospatial Information Science
Associate Professor, Department of Geographical Sciences
University of Maryland

Monday, February 12, 2017
12:00 – 1:00 PM
A521 Crabtree Hall – Pitt Public Health

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A geospatial perspective, for example, analyses of geographic patterns, spatial clustering and relatedness, and the role of proximity or distance, provides opportunities for new insights in many domains. Dr. Stewart will discuss geospatial approaches used to reveal geographic patterns of drug poisoning deaths involving heroin and other illicit drugs (e.g., synthetic opioids and cocaine) in the United States. This analysis has focused on revealing the locations of hotspots of drug poisoning deaths and tracking the evolution of these hotspots over space and time and understanding spatial relationships that may play a key role for researchers interested in drug surveillance. The geographic variation of impacts and the burden on different population groups is important for developing strategies and policies regarding substance use and misuse interventions. Further context is provided through an analysis of spatial accessibility to substance use disorder treatment facilities.

About the speaker:

Kathleen Stewart, PhDKathleen Stewart is Director of the Center for Geospatial Information Science at the University of Maryland and associate professor in the Department of Geographical Sciences. She works in the area of geographic information science with a focus on geospatial dynamics and big geospatial data. She is interested in mobility, activity patterns, and spatial accessibility, especially in the context of different health application domains including substance use disorder and infectious diseases, such as malaria. Dr. Stewart serves as a member of the Mapping Science Committee of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine and the Board of Directors for the University Consortium of Geographic Information Science. She serves as a steering member of the Maryland Transportation Institute and is a member of the editorial boards of five leading GIScience journals.








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