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Public Health Dynamics Workshop (PHD 2018) Practicum

DAY 3: March 7, 2018
2:00-3:00 pm    Practicum: Participants Standardize a Dataset into Project Tycho Standard Format


The Practicum session on DAY 3 will be taught by Drs. Wilbert Van Panhuis and Marc Choisy. Workshop participants can bring their own dataset which may be as follows:

  1. Counts of cases for a disease per time period and location.
  2. Preferably a case count series. For example, for many time periods (many weeks, months, years, etc.).
  3. Data can represent counts of cases, or deaths, or both.
  4. A time series length of at least 3 years would be preferred.

The dataset can be in any format (i.e. Excel, PDF, etc.). During the Practicum, participants’ datasets will be used to demonstrate the value of data standardization and interoperability.

In preparation for the workshop, please click here to see a list of Suggested Readings.

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Partial support provided by the Fogarty International Center, US NIH eCapacity grant R25 TW009717 “Empowering Indian Health Researchers with Computational Modeling Tools"

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