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The Benter Foundation

The visiting exchange scholars along with PHDL faculty and staff had the opportunity on July 24, 2015, to meet and lunch with the funder of their fellowships, Bill Benter, President, The Benter Foundation. Also joining from the Foundation was Kathy Buechel, Executive Director. The scholars shared their academic backgrounds and described their fellowship research projects.

The Benter Foundation was founded in 2007 to support the leaders, organizations and ideas that help communities and individuals thrive. Since then, the Foundation has invested primarily in Pittsburgh-based organizations committed to advancing education, youth development, human services, the arts and humanities, global citizenship, and sustainable practices. Much of this work enhances the quality of life in the region and supports opportunities for individuals to reach their fullest potential.

BenterFoundation group July 24Front row, left to right: Sharon Crow, Wan-Jen Wu, Claudia Torres, Faikah Bruce
Back row, left to right: Guido España, Kathy Buechel, Mark Roberts, Bill Benter, Wilbert van Panhuis, Logan Brooks