International Biometric Conference (IBC2020) in Seoul (06 August 2019)

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Published 06 August 2019

Dr. Saumyadipta Pyne, scientific director of PHDL and member of the International Program Committee of the 30th International Biometric Conference (IBC 2020) held by the International Biometric Society, will organize an invited session on the topics of data fusion and statistical matching at IBC 2020 in Seoul during July 5-10, 2020. These topics are key to the practice of sharing and integration of data, which is becoming increasingly popular in science and medicine due to improved data sharing infrastructures, distributed and inter-disciplinary collaborative efforts, and cost sharing initiatives.

While data related issues such as confounding, causal inference, data security and missing data are not new, extension of these classical methodologies to the modern settings of Big Data is crucial to address some of the emerging challenges in data science. How do we draw joint inferences from very different survey designs, or protect individual privacy when combining data across multiple sources, or account for data that are systematically missing across studies that measured distinct sets of variables? This IBC 2020 session will feature cutting edge methodologies for data fusion and statistical matching presented by experts from across the globe.

The session will be held in honor of the birth centenary year (2020) of the legendary statistician C. R. Rao, FRS, who is also a former President of the International Biometric Society, which organizes IBC. In the US, he was formerly University Professor at University of Pittsburgh, and currently Eberly Professor of Statistics at Pennsylvania State University. Professor Rao's pioneering work (e.g., Rao score test, 1948) laid the foundations of many branches of statistics including data fusion. He also played a key mentoring role in Dr. Pyne's career.