PHDL Participates in Modeling World’s Systems Conference (13 May 2019)

Published 13 May 2019

"Image of Mark Roberts, MD, MPP"
Mark Roberts, MD, MPP

The University of Pittsburgh, through its newly formed School of Computing and Information, leads an initiative to enhance the technological and policy aspects of modeling and managing the world's complicated, interacting systems. This goal – rational analysis and management of complicated systems – is shared by unusually diverse stakeholders from government, industry, non-profits, foundations and academics.

"Image of Wilbert van Panhuis, MD, PhD"
Wilbert van Panhuis, MD, PhD

The 2019 conference will be held May 13-15 in Washington, DC and will feature refereed papers and posters in addition to invited sessions. This meeting is a convening of stakeholders, not an academic conference. It will recognize and mobilize a latent community of stakeholders, and organize a professional society and develop modes of communication, survey the state of the art in technologies for modeling and managing complicated systems, and discuss important applications.

"Image of David Sinclair, PhD"
David Sinclair, PhD

Mark Roberts, MD, MPP, Wilbert van Panhuis, MD, PhD and David Sinclair, PhD, members of the Pitt Public Health Dynamics Lab (PHDL), will participate as conference committee members and panelists (Mark and Wilbert) and presenter (David).