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Current Projects

The current projects and grants of the PHDL.  This includes research on the COVID-19 epidemic, seasonal and pandemic influenza outbreaks, the opioid epidemic in the U.S., and risk assessment for alcoholism.

Past Projects

Selected past grants and projects undertaken by the PHDL.  This includes work undertaken on the Gates Foundation's Vaccine Modeling Initiative; the training of scientists in Thailand in influenza-outbreak monitoring; and work on a framework for scientific research before, during, and after disasters.


A list of past and recent publications by members of the PHDL.  This includes recent research papers still in pre-print status as well as published work.


A listing of the software developed at the PHDL as part of current projects.  The two current pieces are FRED (A Framework for Reconstructing Epidemiological Dynamics) and Project Tycho™.

Software Archive

The software archive of material developed at the PHDL as part of past projects.  This including GAIA (Geospatial Area and Information Analyzer) and HERMES (Highly Extensible Resource for Modeling Supply-chains).