The Public Health Dynamics Lab supports the development of software tools for the collection, analysis, and modeling of public health data.  Current projects include:

FRED (A Framework for Reconstructing Epidemiological Dynamics)

FRED is an agent-based epidemic modeling tool. FRED helps to analyze the dynamics of infectious disease epidemics and the likely effects of mitigation strategies -- including vaccination, anti-viral drugs, and school closure policies -- in specific geographic regions. FRED uses census-based synthetic populations that capture the demographic and geographic distributions of the population, as well as detailed household, school, and workplace social networks.  N.B., multiple versions of FRED are available:

  • FRED was originally developed at the PHDL and is open-source.  This version of FRED should be chosen when situation or funding sources require code to be shared, or if an open-source solution is preferred.  PHDL Documentation (github).
  • Epistemix uses an alternate version of FRED as its modeling platform.  This version contains proprietary Epistemix code and should only be chosen in situations where code is not required to be shared.  Epistemix FRED Documentation.

Project Tycho™

Project Tycho™ aims to advance the availability and use of public health data for science and public health policy. The Project Tycho™ database includes data from all weekly notifiable disease reports for the United States dating back to 1888 in freely accessible digital form, as well as selected analytical and visualization tools.