Software Archive

The Public Health Dynamics Lab supports the development of software tools for the collection, analysis, and modeling of public health data.  Past projects include:

GAIA (Geospatial Area and Information Analyzer)

GAIA is a visualization and analysis tool designed specifically to accommodate epidemiological research. GAIA is a web-service that is accessible to the public.

HERMES (Highly Extensible Resource for Modeling Supply-chains)

HERMES is a software platform that allows users to generate a detailed discrete event simulation model of any vaccine supply chain. This simulation model can serve as a "virtual laboratory" for policy makers, health officials, manufacturers, distributors, scientists and researchers.

ISAAC (Indicators for Stress Adaptation AnalytiCs)

The purpose of ISAAC is to provide reliable indicators to measure local public health agencies' response behavior to a wide variety of threats in local public health systems. ISSAC measures the stress of emergency response at levels of agency, sub-agency unit, and multi-agency system. ISAAC can be used to prepare public health agencies for emergencies and to study the impact of funding cuts on emergency adaptive response.