Vial of medicine


Links to Computing and/or Modeling Resources

Links to computing and modeling resources, both local (e.g. Pitt and the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center) and at the national level.

Online Tutorials

Selected tutorials on the still-emerging discipline of dynamic modeling and simulation methods in public health.

Public Health International Student Fellowship Initiative

A report regarding the Public Health International Modeling Fellows Initiative, established in 2011 with support from The Benter Foundation to enhance international capacity in applying advanced computational modeling methods to critical problems in global health

Belém Workshop 2014

A working group of stakeholders convened in Belém, Brazil in October 2014 to discuss the use of modeling for the vaccine introduction decision process

Overdose Mortality by State

Graphs of drug overdose death counts for the US as a whole, all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and 40 large counties (pop. >1 million).